Creating a Web App in Your Google Cloud Console


In order for Gravity SMTP to send messages from your Google / Gmail account, you will need to create an application in Google Cloud Console and provide the plugin with a token. You must complete this step before configuring the Google / Gmail Integration within Gravity SMTP. This article outlines steps for creating a web app in your Google Cloud Console.


Step 1: Create a Project

  1. Visit Google Cloud Console: Open your browser and go to Google Cloud Console.
  2. Create or Select a Project: Click on the project dropdown menu in the top navigation bar. You can create a new project or select an existing one.
Image showing the Google Cloud Console dashboard.
  1. Switch to the Preferred Project: Once the project is created or selected, ensure it’s active by selecting it from the dropdown menu.
Image showing the Google Cloud Console screen to select an existing project or create a new project.

Step 2: Enable the Gmail API

  1. Navigate to APIs & Services: In the Google Cloud Console, go to the “APIs & Services” section and click on “Library.”
Image showing the Google Cloud Console Library menu
  1. Search for Gmail API: Type “Gmail API” in the search bar and select it from the search results.
Image showing Library search
  1. Enable the API: Click the “Enable” button to activate the Gmail API for your project.

Step 3: OAuth2 – App Registration

  1. Go to OAuth Consent Screen: In the Cloud Console, navigate to “APIs & Services” and “OAuth Consent Screen.”
  2. Create an External Application: Select “External” and click “Create.”
  3. Enter App Details: Provide your app name, select a user support email, and enter the developer’s contact email.
  4. Save and Continue: Complete this setup by clicking “Save and Continue.”

Step 4: OAuth2 – Scopes Setup

  1. Scope Configuration: You can leave the defaults unchanged on the Scopes setup page.
  2. Save and Continue: Proceed by clicking “Save and Continue.”
Image showing Scopes screen in the Google Cloud Console.

Step 5: Set Up OAuth2 Credentials

  1. Navigate to Credentials: Go to “APIs & Services” > “Credentials” in the Cloud Console.
  2. Create OAuth Client ID: Click the “Create credentials” dropdown and select “OAuth client ID.”
Image showing credentials screen in the Google Cloud Console.
  1. Choose Application Type: Select “Web application” as the application type, regardless of your application type.
  2. Enter Client Details: Provide a name for your OAuth client and add an Authorized Redirect URI. You will use the one provided by Gravity SMTP in the Google / Gmail connection settings.
  1. Create the Client: Click “Create” to generate your OAuth credentials.

Step 6: Obtain your Client ID and Client Secret

View Credentials: After creating the OAuth client, Google will provide you with a client ID and client secret. Save these for future use.

Step 7: Publish your App

Now, you will need to publish your App: In the Cloud Console, navigate to the “APIs & Services” > “OAuth Consent Screen” section. Under Publishing status, ensure that the Publishing status is set to In Production.