Getting a Postmark Server API Token


In order for Gravity SMTP to send messages from your Postmark account, you will need to provide the plugin with a Postmark Server API token. You must complete this step before configuring the Postmark Integration within Gravity SMTP. This article outlines steps for generating a new Server API token in your Postmark account. Reference Postmark’s official documentation What are the Account and Server API Tokens, and SMTP Tokens? for more info and related articles.

Please note that Postmark does not support sending messages with Account API tokens.

Creating a Server

In order to secure a Server API token, you will need to first create a Server within Postmark.

Navigate to Servers from within the top menu and click the Create server button. You will be prompted to configure several settings for your new server.

You will first provide a unique name for your server.

Then select a color used in labeling your server.

Lastly, you will set a Server type. In order for messages to be delivered to recipients, you will need to select the default value of Live for server type. This server type cannot be changed once the server has been created.

Click the Create server button. Once your server has been created, you will be directed to a dashboard specific to this new server.

Getting Your Server API Token

Having created a server, you will navigate to the dashboard of the Server through which you intend messages to be sent for your site and click the API Tokens tab.

Your unique Server API token can be seen here. This will be used in configuring your Postmark Integration within Gravity SMTP.

Provided that you have added and verified a domain, you are now ready to configure your Postmark Integration settings within Gravity SMTP.