Email Logging


The Gravity SMTP email log provides a quick way to view messages sent from your website without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

Accessing the Email Log

Gravity SMTP Email logging is enabled by default. To enable or disable it, visit SMTP → Settings → Logging.

To view the Gravity SMTP email log, hover over the SMTP menu item, then choose Email Log:

Viewing the Email Log

The Gravity SMTP Email Log shows each email sent from your website. The emails are displayed in reverse chronological order, meaning the most recently sent messages are shown first.

The first column shows the email subject, allowing you to scan for a particular message. The second column shows the status, letting you know whether or not the message was sent successfully. The third column shows the first recipient, the associated avatar, and a count of additional recipients. The fourth column indicates which plugin pon your site the email originated from. The fifth column shows the date and time the message was sent.

Searching Email Logs

The email log entries can be searched by using the search bar in the upper right corner of the Email Log page. The search will match any entered text against the email data of sender, recipient, subject, and body text. Search is case insensitive.

Log Entry Actions

The Actions column on the right side of each log entry in the Log view provides the following three quick actions for each entry. These actions are also available fro the log entry detail page.

  • eye icon: view the log details for this email.
  • envelope icon: view the email message.
  • trash can icon: delete the entry for this email from the log.

Each of these actions is detailed in the following sections.

Viewing Entry Log Details

Clicking the eye icon next to an item on the main Email Log screen will take you to a new screen that shows more details about the entry.

Here you can view the logged technical details of the sending process for this message. The details shown may vary based on the integration used to send. You can also click the View Email button at the top of the detail view to see a preview of the email that was sent, or the Delete Log button to delete this entry from the log completely.

The Log Details box on the right side of the screen shows the message status, which service was used to send, the Log ID, and the Source (if applicable).

The Technical Details section at the bottom provides a short log of the sending process and the headers of the sent message.

screenshot of the email log details screen in Gravity SMTP

Viewing the Email

To view the email related to the log entry, you can click the View Email button from the Email Log Details screen or the envelope icon shown for any row in the Email Log.

Viewing will open a modal window with the message content, and options in the top right enable you to switch the preview between a desktop or mobile view.

an animation of the Gravity SMTP email preview for both desktop and mobile devices

Deleting the Email Log Entry

To delete a log entry, you can click the Delete Log button from the Email Log Details screen or the Trash icon on any row in the Email Log. Deletion will show a confirmation dialog, and once approved is permanent with no recovery option.

Log entries can be deleted in bulk by ticking one or more checkboxes to the left of each item, selecting Delete from the Bulk Actions dropdown, and then clicking Apply.