Menu Options


A logged-in WordPress administrator (or a logged-in user with appropriate site permissions) will be presented with the following options panel in the left-side WordPress menu once they select the SMTP option.

Each of the options shown in this panel are described below.

Email Log

The Gravity SMTP email log provides a quick way to view messages sent from your website without leaving your WordPress dashboard. The log shows the message subject, status, and date/time sent for each sent email.

You can opt to view the details of any logged message or delete the entry from the logs via the Actions section of the Email Log screen.

Please see this article for more details about email logging in Gravity SMTP.


When selecting the option Gravity SMTP → Settings, you will be presented with a sub-menu under the orange Gravity SMTP logo that presents a few tabs of available settings.

The panels presented here are as follows:

Shows a panel of settings for the application and its integrations.

Shows a card for every available integration. The card displays the status of the integration, and clicking the card will provide access to all the integration-specific settings.

Settings related to logging actions.

Additional information on these areas is provided by additional articles within our user guides area and the help articles within our Integration guides.


The Gravity SMTP Tools menu item allows you to Send a Test Email, View the Debug Log and access the System Report for Support Tickets.

Send a Test

Use this option to send a test email to an email address of your choice. This is a fast way to ensure your active integration works as expected.

For more details about tools in Gravity SMTP, please see this article.

Debug Log

Click here to view the debug log if you have it activated. Activation is contained under the Logging setting in the Settings menu. Once activated, you will see the Debug Log details when they occur on your site. Refer to this user guide for more information on debug logging.

System Report

When contacting support, you’ll often be asked to provide detailed information about your website and its configuration. The System Status menu item lets you click a button to copy your system report to your clipboard. From there, you can paste this report into the support form on our website, giving our team the information needed to troubleshoot any issues you may encounter.

For more information about accessing your system report, please see this article.