Frequently Asked Questions

About The Product

Who makes Gravity SMTP?

Gravity SMTP is a new product from Rocketgenius, the inventors of Gravity Forms.

What does it do?

The Gravity SMTP plugin enhances email deliverability for your WordPress site. Offloading email sending to a reliable SMTP service ensures that your emails reach recipients’ inboxes consistently. This is especially beneficial for critical communications or transactional emails your website needs to deliver reliably.

Do I need Gravity Forms installed to run Gravity SMTP?

No. This new product is independent of Gravity Forms and does not require Gravity Forms to be installed on your website. But you need a qualifying Gravity Forms license to download and activate the product. See the Licensing topic below for more information.

Does Gravity SMTP work for all emails sent from my site, or only emails sent by Gravity Forms?

It works for all emails sent from your WordPress site. Whether it’s user registrations, password resets, or notifications from other plugins, Gravity SMTP ensures reliable delivery across the board.

Can I use Gravity SMTP on websites that do not use WordPress?

No. Gravity SMTP is specifically designed for WordPress-powered websites. It integrates seamlessly with the standard WordPress environment to optimize email delivery. Refer to our system requirements here.


Who receives a Gravity SMTP license?

At release, a Gravity SMTP license key has been made available to any owner of an active Gravity Forms Elite license. Check out this guide for where to find your license key. Note that you must have had an active Gravity Forms Elite license at the time of release. Inactivated or expired licenses were not granted a Gravity SMTP key. Any purchase made after release date for a qualifying Gravity Forms license will also gain a Gravity SMTP license key with the same subscription.

In these early stages of the new product release, we are being deliberate about the pace and size of this rollout to ensure that our product development and customer support experience are scaling appropriately. After a settling period, we plan to widen the pool of Gravity Forms license types that will receive access to the Gravity SMTP core product.

What does Gravity SMTP cost?

Nothing! For qualifying Gravity Forms licenses, as detailed above, there is no cost. At this time, the product is not available for individual purchase.

Can I purchase Gravity SMTP as a standalone product?

Not at this stage, no. See “Who receives a license?” above.

Do I need a separate license key to activate Gravity SMTP?

No. Gravity SMTP can be activated on any site using an active Gravity Forms Elite license key. Refer to this guide for where to find your key, and this guide for activation instructions

Mail Service Integrations

What outgoing mail services can Gravity SMTP integrate with?

The Integrations section of our documentation shows a full list of integrations. We intend to add to this list frequently, so check back regularly and keep an eye on the changelog.

Do I need to download separate add-ons for each of the Mail Service Integrations?

No. All the features and integrations are included in a single plugin download package, making it less of a hassle to install and manage. Refer to our documentation for instructions on how to set up each service and integrate it with your website.


Will Gravity SMTP slow down my site?

Gravity SMTP with an API-driven integration is faster and more secure than traditional SMTP protocols. It optimizes email delivery without compromising your site’s performance.

Does Gravity SMTP work with WordPress Multisite?

Yes, Gravity SMTP seamlessly integrates with WordPress Multisite. You can set up Gravity SMTP on a per-site basis or utilize constants provided in our developer documentation for a more centralized configuration.